Enough talk, time to act. Have your say to restore private health fund rebates for natural therapies
Act Now

Despite Government promises, you won’t see natural therapy rebates restored this election cycle, or the next – if at all

Natural therapies play a vital role in supporting people to stay healthy and manage chronic health problems, especially since Covid-19. But the Government continues to ban private health insurers from offering you rebates for health choices you value – even though they want to.

After a huge public outcry, in April 2019 the Minister for Health (the Hon Greg Hunt) ordered new reviews of 16 natural therapies that were expected to be finished by 2020. Instead, they have become buried in bureaucracy and won’t be finished for years – if ever. The Government is hoping no-one’s noticed.

With a Federal election just around the corner and the Government lagging in the polls, NOW is the time to have your say and ask the Minister and your Federal MPs to restore rebates for natural therapies.

It’s what the community and private insurers want. Tell the Government to stop interfering!

Why health rebates matter

With health costs rising for the 3 in 4 Australians that use natural therapies, the Government must act to restore value to private health insurance and support public health choices

New reviews, false promises?

The Government has failed in its promise to deliver timely reviews, which may not be completed for years. Even then, they may not result in rebates being restored for many natural therapies

Evidence already exists

Despite decades of research, the Government continues to stop health funds offering rebates for therapies you use and value – even though they want to

Use your voice to let your Federal MPs know that you want rebates for natural therapies restored. We’ve made it easy - enter your postcode to get started.